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Who sells neodymium magnets?

Do you need to purchase neodymium magnets but don’t know where to look? ROBO Magetics sells neodymium magnets. Custom neodymium magnets (Neo Magnets) are made to your specifications. We manufacture and supply neodymium magnets of various grades, bespoke forms, sizes, and coatings. This page will address the question, “Who sells neodymium magnets?”

Description of Neodymium Magnet

The most common form of rare earth magnet is NdFeB magnets, often known as NdFeB, NIB, or Neo magnets. It is the most powerful form of a permanent magnet, composed of a Neodymium, Iron, and Boron alloy with the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal crystalline structure.

Who Sells Neodymium Magnets?

ROBO Magnetics can create unique, engineered-to-order neodymium magnets from your prints and requirements. We have the technology, technical experience, and trained employees to produce custom neodymium magnets and magnetic assemblies to your designs, whether your particular application demands rapid turn prototypes or a high volume production run.

Although some magnet firms have abolished their manufacturing capabilities to cut expenses, we understand the customer’s need to give a final print and specification to a vendor capable of delivering well-designed neo-magnets and neo-magnet assemblies. To avoid this, ROBO magnetic offers a full range of services from manufacturing to supply and shipping.

When looking for new potential vendors to make your custom neodymium or neo magnetic assembly, or your rare earth magnet, keep in mind that typical details found in prevalent formed materials or commercially machined such as aluminum, brass, steel alloy, and so on are often difficult to replicate in neodymium magnets. Most magnet wholesalers neglect critical requirements provided on your design. ROBO Magnetic has a good eye for details to bring out the best in your designs.

A magnet material’s operating performance might be difficult to anticipate. As a consequence, the neodymium in your custom application may encounter one or more of the following issues if not outsourced to a professional:

  • Unstable environment (highly reactive and prone to oxidation).
  • Magnetic field gain or loss concerning operating temperature variations
  • Extreme temperature exposure might cause irreversible injury.
  • It is difficult to manufacture since normal machine equipment, and machining procedures are impossible. Difficult to design since the magnetic field density and force are not linear with distance.

Suppose your potential vendor does not discuss these common manufacturing challenges during the quotation process. In that case, you may be entering into a partnership with an order taker rather than a Manufacturer and vendor in combo who can serve as your advocate, safeguarding your project from the potential mistakes associated with the manufacture of custom neodymium magnets. ROBO Magnetics will produce an estimate based on your design, considering the provided features and requirements, or begin a discussion to address any possible concerns.

Why Choose ROBO Magnetic

Innovative Approach

We use high-end technologies to guarantee that we continually give only the finest. We strive to make our magnets stand out by enhancing export quality, expediting delivery, and utilizing international etiquette to improve our clients’ experiences. ROBO Magnetic is also active in research & development to continue inventing and improving our goods.

Quality Assurance

We are proud of our ISO 9001:2015-certified goods. ISO certification indicates that our goods have fulfilled worldwide standards and are marketable. It indicates that we produce high-quality magnets, but it also reflects our commitment to putting our customers first by assuring the safety of our goods.

Unrivaled Delivery Time

We attempt to provide our products to customers within one to two weeks after their purchase. After verifying the quality, our first focus is on-time delivery. We value our clients’ time and will go to considerable lengths to guarantee that none of it is wasted.

Excellent Service

When you contact us via our unique online service, our exceptional service is geared to suit you well. We think that by providing excellent service to our consumers, we are doing more than simply completing a sale. Instead, we’re establishing a partnership that will benefit both the consumer and us for years.

Forms & Shapes of Neodymium Magnet We Offer

Neodymium magnets come in various forms, from normal to unusual. ROBO Magnetic Neodymium magnet service offerings include, but are not limited to, the forms listed below;


Neodymium disc magnets are one of the most common magnet forms and have many uses. They may be utilized at home, school, or the workplace.


Block neodymium magnets are another common basic form that we provide. They are typically six-sided with straight edges and maybe cubes or rectangles.


Neodymium cylinder magnets are long and round, with a height that is sometimes more than the diameter, giving them a rod-like appearance. They may produce more conspicuous and powerful magnetic fields up to three times stronger than thinner neodymium disc magnets of the same diameter and rating.


Ring magnets of neodymium are circular and have a shorter height than diameter. They also contain several big holes throughout their circumference. They vary from neodymium magnets with countersunk holes because their holes are often much larger than screws.

Magnets made of Neodymium Tube/block with countersunk holes

Because the magnetic force is centered there, neodymium magnets with countersunk holes often have a stronger working surface. Among their uses are mounting, lifting, holding, and placing furniture, goods, door locks, and other uses.


Neodymium arc magnets are distinguished by their curved form and have a narrow range of applications. These neodymium magnets may be found predominantly in rotors, motors, stators, generators, and alternators.


Ball and sphere neodymium magnets are mostly manufactured as toys. Because of their forms and tiny size, they have a rather restricted applicability. However, anybody with the toy may rearrange them into any form.

Countersunk Hole Ring

Countersunk neodymium ring magnets are as versatile as regular neodymium ring magnets. For specific purposes, you may screw these neodymium magnets to other items, such as walls or wooden rods.

Neodymium Thin Type Magnet

Flat and lightweight neodymium thin-type magnets are common. They are often found in consumer items such as earpieces, cellphones, and tiny radios. They are usually zinc-plated.

Irregular Neodymium Magnet

Neodymium irregular magnets are neodymium magnet forms that do not fit or belong to the following neodymium magnet shapes: balls, rings, arcs, spheres, discs, and blocks.

Self-adhesive Neodymium Magnet

This form of neodymium magnet comes with sticky stickers and is often used for convenience.

Mini Neodymium Magnet

These are small neodymium magnet parts that come in a variety of forms. They are often used in consumer items to produce lipstick covers and jewelry cases. They’re also in cell phones, magnetic toys, and other products.

Neodymium Fishing Magnet

Neodymium fishing magnets are typically circular. They include an iron hoop through which a rope may be tied to release the neodymium magnet into a body of water. They may be used to look for and retrieve lost objects in rivers, drainages, and holes.

Magnetized Neodymium Pin

Pin neodymium magnets are typically modest in size yet have a rather high magnetic force. They are often used in workplaces to hold paper sheets to magnetic whiteboards.

Single giant Neodymium magnet

Single giant neodymium magnets are often utilized in wind power production, heavy industries, personal experimentation, and other applications.

Where Can I Purchase High-Quality Neodymium Magnets?

If you’re seeking high-quality neodymium magnets in various forms, sizes, and grades, ROBO Magnetic is one of the world’s top providers of bespoke neodymium magnets. Our skilled designers can produce and design high-quality neodymium magnets into various forms, including arcs, irregular shapes, and bespoke shapes, then ship them to you through the air or international express. Contact us immediately to discuss your requirements and needs.

ROBO Magnetic Shipping Methods

Neodymium magnets are useful in various applications and are required in certain industries. This is owing to their high usefulness and the rapidity with which they are used for industrial purposes. Purchasing neodymium magnets is often the most cost-effective alternative. This is especially true if you need to eliminate trade-in neodymium magnets. Once your neodymium magnets are made, you must safely send a well-packed piece, an art in and of itself. ROBO Magnetic offers a variety of shipping alternatives, including air and international express, sea transportation, and ground delivery.


ROBO magnetic sells various forms of neodymium magnets. ROBO Magnetic is a renowned neodymium magnet producer and supplier. We’ve been in the field for over two decades. Our employees are recognized specialists who utilize cutting-edge technology in neodymium magnet manufacturing.

Our neodymium magnets are available in various forms and sizes, such as round, rectangular, flat bars, and many more. Following your specifications, we can produce and deliver custom neodymium magnets in any form and size according to your wants. Request an instant quote now!


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