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What are Neodymium Magnets Used for?

Neodymium magnets are the strongest and most durable permanent magnets commercially available to the world. Even in small sizes, they can hold, pull, and lift objects several times larger and heavier than they are. Due to their durability and performance, neodymium magnets have been used across numerous science and technology sectors. From the most advanced 21st-century technologies like space tech and green energy to basic uses like metal fishing, you will find neodymium magnets.

Usually, when people ask about the uses of neodymium magnets, responders are quick to list their applications in automotive, industry, medicine, construction, manufacturing, and many others. However, this article will focus on the home and daily uses of neodymium magnets. Even though neodymium magnets are used in advanced technologies, there are many essential things neodymium magnets can do in your home. Today, we will give you ideas on how you can make the best use of neodymium magnets to make your life easier.

Since there are several things you can do with neodymium magnets in your home, we have grouped related ideas under a single heading. Below is a list of these headings so you can use them for navigation. Happy reading.

  1. Magnetic Tools
  2. Magnetic Storage
  3. Magnetic Toy and Education
  4. Magnetic Decoration
  5. Magnetic Levitation

Magnetic Tools

Magnetic Scrubbers

A magnetic scrubber is a tool that has a textured silicone, usually round or box-shaped, and a magnetic handle. Magnetic scrubbers are used to clean aquariums, beakers, conical flasks, boiling flasks, test tubes, graduated cylinders, volumetric flasks, and other glass or plastic containers that can’t be washed with hands because they are too narrow.

Follow the steps below to use a magnetic scrubber.

  • Separate the silicone scrubber from the magnetic handle.
  • Fill the container you want to wash with soapy water.
  • Drop the silicone scrubber into the container and place the magnetic handle on the container’s body to attract the scrubber.
  • Move the handle around to direct the scrubber to the areas you desire to clean.

When using magnetic scrubbers, the handle must attract the scrubber from the other side of a glass or plastic. Hence the need for neodymium magnets so the strong magnetic field can penetrate the container and clean effectively.

Beer Cap Holder

Drinking beer at home after a stressful day is as normal as taking a nap. However, having beer bottle caps littering the apartment is dangerous, and they will litter the house, making it look dirty. They can also cause injury to you and your loved ones.

Instead of dropping beer bottle caps around the house, keep a block of powerful neodymium magnet somewhere close enough so you can throw them at it. After opening a bottle, throw the cap in the magnet’s direction. The throw does not have to be accurate. As long as it falls close to the block of the magnet, it will attract the cover and keep your apartment clean and safe.

Magnetic Clothes Hanger

Cloth hangers are an essential closet accessory for everyone who loves a clean and orderly room. Indeed, a rough bedroom with clothing scattered around is unsightly. However, suppose you don’t want to deal with hanger hooks that may perforate your clothes and render them useless. In that case, you may want to consider magnetic hangers.

Magnetic hangers are stylish and hook-free. They won’t get stuck on the hanger rack, and neither will they hook your clothes. The neodymium magnet in them keeps them attached to the metal rack, and you can easily pull them off when needed.

Nail Holder

Anyone who does a bit of woodworking and construction will be familiar with the excruciating that follows after you hit your fingers with a hammer while nailing woods together. An excellent solution to this problem is the magnetic nail holder.

The magnetic nail holder has a non-magnetic handle and the head, which is the magnetic part. Pick the holder by the handle, use it to pick a nail, and place the nail in the desired spot. Using this method, your fingers are safe even when you miss a hit.

Magnetic Toy and Education

Magnetic Balls and Spheres

Magnetic balls were once trendy in the United States and several other countries. However, after several incidents where children swallowed the magnetic balls, requiring operations to save their lives, they were banned in the US and many other countries as toys. However, people can still purchase them for specific uses. If you are purchasing magnetic balls and spheres for home use, ensure you keep them beyond the reach of your children.

Magnetic Blocks

Legos are widely known construction toys manufactured by the Lego group. They are known in most households across the US as excellent toys that can help children’s cognitive development. However, an interesting alternative for Legos is magnetic blocks. Magnetic blocks are also construction toys. However, instead of the lock and key mechanism in Legos, magnetic blocks attach to one another with the help of the magnet fixed inside them. They are very efficient and fun for children.

Magnetic Decoration

Magnetic Succulents

Magnetic succulents are miniature pots where you can nurture home plants like aloe vera and arrowhead plant. However, magnetic succulents are not restricted to your window or the kitchen table. Magnetic succulents can attach to metal window frames, doorframes, cabinets, or refrigerators to decorate your house.

Plants you can grow in magnetic succulents include:

  1. Aloe vera
  2. Arrowhead plant
  3. Chinese evergreen
  4. Moses In The Cradle
  5. Hosta

Magnetic Wood Frames

Have you ever wondered how art museums can hang so much artwork and yet not have a single hole in the wall? Well, the answer is “magnetic wood frames.” Magnetic wood frames use rare earth neodymium magnets to ensure a tight grip on the wall and the artwork.

Magnetic Artworks

Magnetic Levitation

Magnetic levitation, also called maglev. is not an entirely new concept. However, recent technological advances have demonstrated that it will be a determining factor in the future of transportation by land. Magnetic levitation, or magnetic suspension, involves suspending an object mid-air without physical means but by a magnetic force. Below are a few magnetic levitation ideas you can use in your home.

Floating Speaker

The floating speaker has no unique ability other than the magnetic field generated from the base magnet, which keeps the speaker afloat. A floating speaker will have a base with a powerful neodymium magnet, and the speaker will have another powerful magnet. These powerful neodymium magnets will then create opposition forces and repel one another. This repelling will keep the speaker afloat.

Levitating Flower Vase

The levitating flower vase works just the same way as the floating speaker. The only difference is the levitating object. While a floating speaker may be interesting to observe, a levitating flower vase adds much more intrigue to your indoor decoration. Not only will people find it interesting, but they will also find it quite beautiful and elegant.

Life Tips with Magnet

Beyond specific productive and decorative uses of neodymium magnets, there are certain life hacks you can leverage them for. These life hacks will surely make your life easier as you begin to use them.

Screw, Bolts, and Nuts Picker

If you worked with screws, bolts, and nuts, you would have been in a situation where you had an entire pack of screws poured away and scattered around. The instinctive thing to do will be to go down and pick them up one after the other. However, you can pick them up faster and more efficiently using a block of neodymium magnets. Just get the magnet and pass it above the screws to pick them.

Data and Network Cable Holder

Working on a desktop is usually fun and comfortable until one of your unplugged data cable slide down under your desk. Then you have to go underneath the desk and claw your way through the cluster of wires to get it out. Alternatively, you can use neodymium magnets to hold your cables in place. Get a metallic wire and wind it around the cable towards the tip you have access to. Glue a neodymium magnet to your desk and attach the cable to it

Magnetic Key Bearer

If you always look for your keys every morning while going to work, you need something to keep your key safe while attending to other things. One of the best solutions is the magnetic key bearer, which is basically your bulb switch right by the door. Get a small but powerful neodymium magnet, open the switch cover, place the magnet in it, and close it back. Next time you come in, put your key on it, and the magnet will keep it till you need to go out again.

Battery Remover

Alkaline batteries can sometimes be very difficult to pull out of battery holders or even certain appliances. In such cases where your hand can’t get a hold of the battery to pull it out, get a neodymium magnet, attach it to the battery, and pull the magnet. The battery will come out without further ado.

Safety Tips When Working with Neodymium Magnets

To ensure your safety and that of your neodymium magnets, below are safety measures you should observe while storing and working with neodymium magnets.

  1. Those with cardiac pacemakers, hormone infusion pumps, or other sensitive medical devices should avoid interacting with neodymium magnets at all costs.
  2. Always take special care in handling neodymium magnets! Neodymium magnets can snap together and injure personnel or damage themselves.
  3. Keep neodymium magnets away from magnetic media such as floppy disks, credit cards, and computer monitors.
  4. Store neodymium magnets in closed containers, so they don’t attract metal debris.
  5. If several neodymium magnets are being stored, they should be stored in attracting (not repelling) positions.
  6. Read and follow the age recommendations, warnings, safety messages, and product assembly instructions.


Neodymium magnets are versatile tools that can help your daily life in various ways you may even be unaware of. We have mentioned a few of these ways in this article. The best part is that you can DIY several of these ideas. If you’re looking to purchase neodymium magnets in large quantities in any part of the world, ROBO Magnetic can help you out. We are an expert neodymium magnet manufacturer, leading the industry for over 16 years. Contact us with your requirements to get started.


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