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Uses of Neodymium Magnets in Daily Life

A neodymium magnet is the most widely used type of rare-earth magnet. It is a permanent magnet made from neodymium, iron, and boron alloy to form the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal crystalline structure.

It’s a permanent magnet which magnetism is second only to the absolute zero-degree holmium magnet, and it is also the most commonly used rare earth magnet.

Neodymium magnets have replaced Alnico and ferrite magnets in many of the myriad applications in modern technology. Strong neodymium magnets are required because their greater strength allows smaller, lighter magnets for a specific application.

People often ask us uses of neodymium magnets. Well, the answer is…just about anything. Next, regarding the application of neodymium magnets in various fields, we will start this article about the uses of neodymium magnets in daily life.

Some of the potential everyday uses for our powerful neodymium magnets.

For example, many household appliances cannot work without magnets. At the same time, there are also many tips using neodymium magnets that help tools deal with some knotty problems in life. Next, let’s take a look.

1. Electroacoustic & Audiovisual

  • Moving-coil Headphones

Moving-coil headphones image1

Fix the enameled coil on the diaphragm, and place a neodymium magnet underneath. When the electric signal passes through the enameled wire, a magnetic field of different strengths is generated. Because the permanent magnet is fixed, the enameled coil drives the diaphragm to vibrate. And become music to your ears.

Moving-coil headphones image2

  • Speakers

Run AC through the voice coil of the speaker. The voice coil produces alternating magnetic fields under the action of the input current, and that the voice coil is placed in neodymium magnets. Under the action of these two magnetic fields, the voice coil moves perpendicular to the current movement, so the voice coil is in the electric current and reciprocating motion.


Because the voice coil and paper basin are connected, such voice coil movement drives the front, and rear vibration of the paper basin, the vibration of the paper basin drives the vibration of air, and the human ear can feel the vibration of air and produce sound. The current thus fed into the speaker is converted into sound by the speaker’s action.

When inputting the AC in loudhailer becomes larger, the AC that flows through the sound coil becomes larger. Also, the action of the magnetic field becomes stronger. The paper basin of loudhailer vibrates amplitude the larger, the corresponding sound the larger. Conversely, the AC into the speaker changes smaller, the speaker produces less sound.

  • Dynamic Microphone

The working principle of a dynamic microphone is to vibrate the diaphragm through the air with human voice, and then the coil winding on the diaphragm and the neodymium magnet surrounding the microphone head form a magnetic field cutting, forming a weak current.

Dynamic Microphone

2. Business Displays and Signage

More and more businesses are relying on magnets to hold their signs in place and attract customers. In-store displays often require less preparation of surfaces -and in many buildings (such as offices) with metal walls or dividers, there is no preparation. Magnets are also used as a solution for company vehicles, causing no damage to paint and requiring just only peeling off.

Business Displays and Signage

3. Stationery and Business Supplies

  • Magnetic Bookmark

Magnetic bookmarks are very Convenient to apply. Just put the magnetic bookmark on the page that you want to mark and fold the magnets together, then you will remember the pages you have read with this visual bookmark, a must-have stationery collection for those who are enjoying reading. They aren’t too big and bulky but are just the right size. The fun designs are appealing to kids. Students like to use these to mark the pages in their books.

Magnetic bookmark

  • Magnetic Clever Clock

It’s a high 23cm, and magnets on the back learning clock easy to attach magnets to display this on the fridge in your kitchen and at a comfortable height for your child to view. Great for helping children learn to tell the time. Very helpful to have written explanations of what is a quarter of an hour, 60 seconds in 1 minute, and 60 minutes in an hour.

Magnetic Clever Clock

  • Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard and Glass Eraser

The holder of the Dry Erase Whiteboard and Glass Eraser is a strong magnet which makes it handy for attaching to magnet whiteboard. So you can Never Lose your Eraser again.

Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard and Glass Eraser

4. Jewelry

  • Magnetic Earrings

Magnet earrings suit your everyday wearing. With a non-piercing design, these fake gauges earrings are made with strict craft, not easy to fade or deform, and each pair of earrings is very light, not wearing weight, easy to put on or take off. If you wondered what it would be like to wear earrings without getting ear piercings, this product let you do that for a low price and have a wide selection.

Magnetic Earrings

  • Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Magnetic Therapy Bracelet has powerful magnets embedded in the bracelet inner, close to your wrist, help reduce fatigue & muscle tension, reduce static electricity. Used for sports joints aches, promotes relaxation, balance sleep. It worked if you put it across the most painful part of your hand, and in very little time, the pain was 99.9% GONE. It is very fashionable, perfect for women/ ladies; no one would think it’s a magnetic bracelet.

Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

  • Magnetic Nose Ring

The distinctive of that magnetic nose ring is a fake nose hoop ring design. Easier to put on or take off, the best choice for you if you don’t want to put a hole in your face. Perfect for daily life wearing. It would be best if you took a bit to learn how to put it in to look natural and fantastic. The magnet works incredibly. It stays in for hours, even in the rain and while moving around. It can hurt a tiny bit after a long time or when taking it off, but generally, you can’t feel it at all.

Magnetic Nose Ring

  • Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

The necklace extender has a magnetic latch and a lobster clasp, easy to install and put on and take off. The shape of the magnet clasp is round, which can decorate your necklace without taking away the accessories of the necklace itself. If you hate lobster clasps and have always had problems getting your necklaces on. with these magnetic clasps, you can put them on in no time with these magnetic clasps. And the magnets are strong enough not to allow the necklace to fall off, yet not so strong that you can’t easily take them off.

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

5. Magnetic Toys

  • Magnetic Dart Board

It contains a magnetic dartboard, a set of several safe magnetic darts. The darts are very magnetic and can stick to the board extremely well. Easy to use for kids or adults. The darts are not sharp or dangerous. You can hang the board or lay it flat on the floor and toss the darts.

Magnetic Dart Board

  • Coogam Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game

It’s a simple and adorable fishing game that offers hours of fun for children. It consists of several wooden magnetic fishing poles, several wooden sorting boxes, and several Wooden fish. It is a fun activity for your little kids and a great toy for learning the alphabet and color recognition! Easy to use magnets. Versatile use of “fish” for sorting, tracing, memorizing the order of letters. You can photocopy the letters showing the fish side in a random pattern. For hunting for a match-up with the wooden fish, you can use these sheets. Children love puzzles.

Coogam Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game

  • Magnetic Cubes Educational Toys

Magnetic Cubes Educational Toys can give endless possibilities with the most fundamental shape – cubes. Through kids learning, toys allow kids to develop critical life skills at all ages through fun playing brain-developing educational games. The magnet moves inside so all the blocks will attach. And stick well to each other, but little hands can still pull them apart.

Magnetic Cubes Educational Toys

6. Magnetic Tools

  • Magnetic Smartphone Charging Cable

180 degrees or 360 degrees or each angle can rotate this magnetic charging cable. It is more flexible and convenient in the daily use of mobile phones or playing games. You are no more trying to find the correct charger! This system lets you leave the charging end in your device, and then you can attach easily through magnetization to any of the included cords. It is friendly with the smartphone as there is no more trying to plug into it, but rather a quick snap to attach the connection in the smartphone to the cable. Simple. You will love the various length of cords and the led blue light at the connector tip so you can always locate the cable.

Magnetic smartphone charging cable

  • Magnetic Bamboo Knife Block

Double-Sided Minimal Slim Design – strong magnetic strips enclosed in a stylish bamboo block, freestanding without needing to mount to a wall rack, display 10 – 12 small and large knives on your kitchen cabinet or counter. This little stand fits perfectly between the stove and the wall. Being double-sided, it holds your steak knives and your kitchen knives.

Magnetic Bamboo Knife Block

  • Magnet Fishing

The neodymium fishing magnet is coated in Ni+Cu+Ni triple layer coated and body stamping machining. A Shiny and rust-resistant coated steel cup protects the neodymium magnet and helps to prevent cracking. It could allow you to use the fishing magnet set for a long time because of made under ISO 9001 Quality Systems. If you search fishing magnet on YOUTUBE, you will find many videos about it. It very suits your interests ideal for fishing, lifting, hanging. Find lost treasures in rivers, wells, garages, or yards or ponds.

Magnet fishing

  • Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

A bottle opener to rule them all – The wall-mounted bottle opener is more than your average bottle opener. Thanks to the two neodymium magnets inside, your party guests will no longer litter their caps everywhere! Just open the bottle and watch the cap snap right back to the wall! The Bar-Style Bottle Opener has no problem being mounted on your outdoor patio or your favorite indoor spot. It not only features a stylish, decorative design but is also rustproof! It is a great bottle opener, the magnet is so handy to grab the lid, and you will love that it’s attached to the wall (or counter, or wherever you screw it in). No more hunting around the kitchen right when you want to open a bottle to share!

Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

7. Magnetic Storage

  • Magnetic Cosmetics Board

If you have some cosmetics lying around on the table, a magnetic cosmetics board can help you out of this mess. It is vertical storage for makeup collections supported by rare earth magnets and iron plates.

Magnetic cosmetics board

  • Magnetic Pin Dish

Permanent magnets can be used to store pins, paper clips, and needles. If pins are everywhere on your table, make a beautiful magnetic pin dish.

Magnetic pin dish

8. Life Tips with Magnet

  • Adsorb Iron Filings on Oil Filter

The easiest, fastest, least expensive way to clean the inside of an engine, you can buy one or get a neodymium magnet from an abandoned computer hard disk and attach it to the base of the oil filter tank.

  • Remove Batteries from a Battery Holder

The easiest, fastest, least expensive way to clean the inside of an engine, you can buy one or get a neodymium magnet from an abandoned computer hard disk and attach it to the base of the oil filter tank.

  • Pick-up Tool

When a toolbox and nail scatter on the floor, put a neodymium magnet on the back of the box. The Neodymium Magnet will attract all nails at once.

  • Magnetic Switch Hanger

Put a neodymium magnet behind your lights switch to hold your keys.

  • Stud Finder

Run a neodymium magnet along the wall. When you feel the pull force, you’ve attracted to a metal stud! Or, if you’ve found a stud, you can use a magnet to distinguish to make sure.

  • Cleaning Fish Tanks from the Outside

One strong neodymium magnet inside a rag or sponge placed on the inside of the tank, which can be guided around with another strong neodymium magnet from the outside. You are no more getting your shirt sleeves wet!

  • Holding Spice Cans to the Side of Your Fridge

We’ve all seen the spice cans you can buy that stick to a fridge.

  • Erasing Video and Audio Tapes or Other Magnetic Storage Media

If you have a bunch of tapes that need degaussing but don’t have an electromagnetic degausser handy (who does?), a few swipes from a large neo magnet will do the trick.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Everything above should serve as a pretty thorough use of neodymium magnets in daily life. We have guides if you’re looking to learn more about neodymium magnets.

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