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Magnet Manufacturing in China: Everything You Need to Know

Magnets are essential tools in twenty-first-century electronic technology. Rare earth magnets possess unique features that make them fit for numerous manufacturing and industrial applications. They are relevant in different fields, including healthcare, computing, computer design, and making simple home appliances.

The best magnets are produced through a series of thorough, predetermined steps supervised by expert magnet manufacturers. The complexity of these steps requires the experience and expertise of trained individuals. Magnet manufacturers ensure that each shipment of magnets complies with industry standards and is suitable for the specific purpose for which they have been bought.

Here’s everything you need to know about magnet manufacturing in China:

Why Should You Patronize a Magnet Manufacturer?

Magnets are high-priced commercial products. Companies and individuals looking to purchase magnets in bulk must partner with the best magnet manufacturers who understand the qualities of different magnets.

Beyond the manufacturing process, the right manufacturers are experienced in magnet trading and shipping. You won’t have to worry about prompt deliveries or delays in shipping. When you patronize magnet manufacturers, you:

  • Get the best deal for your money: Magnets are machined into different shapes, sizes, and grades. A cylindrical N42 rare earth magnet, used in designing electrical generators for wind turbines, may not be useful in making headphones or hard drives. Magnet manufacturers ensure you only purchase the right fit for your outlined projects.
  • Receive expert counsel. Experienced magnet manufacturers like ROBO Magnetic leverage decades of experience in manufacturing and trading magnets to provide specific counsel to clients. We cover everything from surface magnetism and remanence to intrinsic coercive force and Curie temperature of magnets. We recommend the right rare earth magnets for your industrial processes, supplying premium tips for keeping your magnets in excellent working conditions over a long period.
  • Get access to industry knowledge periodically. It’s not surprising to see a magnet manufacturer run a weekly newsletter on their blog, where they give clients the scoop on changes in the electromagnetic field. Clients gain premium knowledge on magnet usage, preservation, and trading.

Looking to purchase magnets? ROBO Magnetic supplies magnet enthusiasts in China with the best packages.

Features of Magnets

Magnets are used in a range of applications. Magnet manufacturers provide in-depth knowledge of the categories, grades, and styles of magnets for different industrial activities.

Categories of Magnets

Here are the categories of magnets available for commercial transactions:

  1. Industrial Magnets: These are mostly used in manufacturing and production activities. They work with the principle of electromagnetism, which means that a disconnect from the electricity supply will render them ineffective. Their ratings are often measured in kilograms and pounds, depending on the country of use. Many industrial magnets are known to lift loads that weigh up to three times their rating.
  2. Permanent magnets: Permanent magnets are materials that retain their magnetic field over an extended period. They may be affected by extreme temperatures or exposure to unfavorable atmospheric conditions; however, their shelf life lasts more than twenty years of excellent working conditions. Rare earth magnets such as Neodymium magnets are permanent magnets.
  3. Motor magnets: These magnets are shaped like a cylinder or arc. Up to 30% of all magnets manufactured are motor magnets, as many industrial, automobile, and electrical engines are powered by motors built with magnets.

Grades of Magnets

Based on temperature limits, Neodymium magnets are graded into four classes, suggesting the scope of performance of the different magnet grades. The known grades are:

  • “H,” for up to 120C. These magnets have a remanence ranging between 1080 – 1370 in mT across eight different units.
  • “SH,” up to 150C. These magnets range between 1080 – 1320 in mT across seven different units.
  • “UH,” up to 180C. These magnets range between 1020 – 1250 mT across six different units.
  • “EH,” up to 200C. These magnets range between 1040 – 1220 mT across five different units.

How are Magnets Manufactured?

There are several methods of manufacturing magnets; the powder metallurgy method is the most versatile, as it is applicable for rare earth magnets and samarium cobalt magnets. The raw materials for these magnets are refined from their ores or obtained from other conventional sources.

The materials are melted under high heat in an inert furnace. On melting, the alloy is passed through hydrogen breaking and jet milling. They both involve external pressure to contain the metallic alloys to powdered materials of three to five micrometers in radius. Next, the alloys are charged through membrane pressure, mold pressing, or isostatic cooling. For sintered magnets, the mold undergoes sintering to improve and enhance its magnetic attributes.

Next, the mold cycles through heating and cooling phases to even out the grain boundaries and optimize its magnetic properties. This mold is then ready for machining, where magnet manufacturers cut and trim the metallic molds into pre-outlined shapes based on the buyers’ requests.

While smelting, the alloy can be diffused with other dysprosium and other rare earth metals to enhance its strength. The machined mold is surface treated to remove voids and pores that make magnets vulnerable to oxidation and corrosion. Surface treatment is usually done by electroplating or electrophoresis.

Uses of Magnets

Strong magnets are used in many modern technological applications, especially ones that require a strong magnet with a permanent magnetic effect.

Some of these uses include:

  • Electric generators.
  • Locks
  • Phone speakers.
  • Design of refrigerators.
  • Electric motors.

Magnets are equally trusted for their manufacturing efficiency. The average Neodymium magnets can perform any of these three manufacturing tasks:

  • Workholding: In metal workshops, welders use magnets to keep metal objects in place while machining or fabrication is performed on the metal.
  • Lifting and handling: Magnets effectively pull and lift metals vertically and horizontally. Rare earth magnets are particularly effective for lifting heavy loads.
  • Storage of small-sized workshop tools.

Regardless of size, all magnets serve specific industrial and mechanical purposes. At ROBO Magnetic, we are specialized in manufacturing, packaging, and shipping magnets.

About ROBO Magnetic

ROBO Magnetic is a high-tech OEM factory with over fifteen years in manufacturing and supplying magnets. We are a foremost magnet manufacturing establishment in China, trusted by magnet traders within and outside China.

Established in 2006, we manufacture high-quality neodymium magnets for industrial, commercial, school, and personal needs at competitive factory prices. Given our large-scale production rate, we export hundreds of tons of finished, surface-treated rare earth magnets to markets in countries across Western and Eastern Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.

Our products, certified as ISO 9001:2015, mean that we comply with globally recognized standards for manufacturing and distributing magnets.

The market is saturated with trained and untrained manufacturers. We go the extra step to ensure that our clients are satisfied by providing the best tips for using, storing, and preserving your preferred neodymium magnets. Our production and manufacturing standards ensure that we provide excellent quality neodymium magnets, helping buyers obtain the most suitable products for a range of complex needs.

Since we retain many customized neodymium magnet sizes, grades, and coatings from other customers, we are very experienced in many complex neodymium magnet customizations. Moreover, our solid techniques, quality systems, and polished equipment make it more comprehensive and professional to offer custom neodymium magnets.

Why you should work with us

At ROBO Magnetic, we offer you the best magnet shopping experience. Hence, we cover all shipping costs, sending your magnet shipment right to your address at no extra charge.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use cutting-edge technology to ensure we consistently deliver nothing but the best. By improving the export quality, quick delivery, and employing international etiquette to enhance our client’s experience, we seek to ensure that our magnets stand out. Besides this, ROBO Magnetic is also involved in Research and Development to continue innovating and bettering our products. We’re currently researching multi-pole radiant magnetization ring magnets for motors.

Unbeatable Delivery Time

We deliver within a remarkable timeframe of 1- 2 weeks after ordering. Our primary concern after ensuring quality is prompt delivery. Our client’s time is valuable, and we’ll go to great lengths to ensure we waste none of it.

Exemplary Service

Every business transaction is the first step to a formidable relationship. We recognize the opportunity to build relationships that serve our clients and our business objectives; this drives our commitment to offering premium service, knowing that we’re not just making a sale, we are also solving problems for people whose works matter to us.


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