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Arc-Shaped Neodymium Magnets From Custom To Export

We offer our esteemed clients the finest value in high-quality magnets because of our state-of-the-art magnet manufacturing facilities. Whether you’re looking for high-tech design assistance or advice on which magnets are best for your project, our engineers are here to help. Please get in touch with us right away to go through your specific needs.

We are a full-line magnet producer and supplier, as we all know how vital magnets are to our company. We provide a wide range of contemporary magnet goods. With us, you’ll get the following:

  • World Class Manufacturing Facilities
  • Magnets for low-cost applications that are both flexible and strong.
  • Magnets made of rare earth elements for powerful applications
  • Magnets that can withstand high temperatures.
  • Ready to use or sell fully assembled magnetic assemblies to your client for resale.

It is a great honor to be a certified ISO 9001 supplier, meeting all of the criteria and standards. To ensure that our products meet these worldwide standards, we have had our quality system inspected and verified. The bottom line is that you can rely on us to provide consistently high-quality goods and services, and we have a process to correct any errors.

For Unique Requests:

Send us a special request or fill out our contact form if the magnet you require is not listed here, and our team of experts will assist you with your custom magnet needs.

Four Ways To Get In Touch With Our Product Department

You have a choice of four methods for contacting our product department.

  • Send us an email at with your specifications ( you can attach the detailed drawing for reference)
  • Alternatively, you can submit an inquiry about your inquiry using our online form
  • Directly communicate with us using our live chat
  • And lastly, send a WhatsApp message to +8618069163225 to contact us.

Our product department will soon contact you to discuss your needs in further detail and arrange your purchase.

We look forward to being of service to you!

Send Custom Drawings And Get A Quote

Making a bespoke neodymium magnet is possible based on a customer’s specifications. In many cases, people require neodymium magnets for applications that don’t fit the usual forms of the magnets. Personalized neodymium magnets are perfect for different applications of your choice.

This is when bespoke neodymium magnets come in handy. When your application or manufacturing process cannot employ a special-order form, a bespoke neodymium magnet is a right option.

Every form and size of Neodymium Magnets are available… Literally! Every conceivable form, as well as a few you hadn’t considered.

Some Notes About Drawings

We’re excited to be of service to you!

Firstly, we need a diagram of the desired form. Dimensional tolerances, magnetization direction, position and measurement of the chamfer angle and countersunk hole, temperature rating, and more must all be included in the diagram. Suppose the magnet requested by the client does not have any designs. A lack of information might lead to a misunderstanding of written or spoken descriptions, resulting in an incorrect shape and a wasted investment of time and money. Consequently, buyers would provide a well-detailed schematic when obtaining bespoke neodymium magnets.

The size of a neodymium magnet is critical to its use; thus, customers must specify the measurements they want. If a neodymium magnet is either too large or too tiny, it will be rendered ineffective in its intended use. As a result, we need a precise measurement of the desired neodymium magnet’s size.

You’ll include the following in the diagram:

  • The Length: the distance from the front to the rear of the magnet should be this format. For example, 15 centimeters.
  • The Width: This is the distance from left to right that the magnet should be, for example, 10cm.
  • The magnet’s height: This is measured from top to bottom; therefore, a 5cm magnet has a height of 5cm.

The following information is required to purchase disc and cylinder magnets.

  • Diameter: If you measure from edge to edge, you’ll get the diameter of the magnet’s surface (top or bottom) if it’s 12cm across the center.
  • Thickness: how far something extends from one end to the other. An inch thick disc magnet is often smaller than its diameter, for example, 1 centimeter. Regarding cylindrical magnets, they’ll be considerably thicker than they are wide (e.g., a 35cm diameter). Regarding cylindrical magnets, they’ll be considerably thicker than they are wide (e.g., a 35cm diameter).
  1. The buyer must specify the grade of neodymium magnet they like. It is possible to find neodymium magnets of various strengths, remanence, operating temperature resistance, and other characteristics in various grades.

When it comes to energy output, our neodymium magnets normally fall into two categories: 33 MGOe and 52 MGOe. This comprehensive graphic may find in-depth data on the remanence, coercive force, intrinsic coercive force, maximum energy output, and operating temperature of our neodymium magnet grades.

  1. There are several situations when a magnet’s operating temperature influences the working environment and usage. It is worth noting that our lowest grade of neodymium magnets, N30, could operate in temperatures as low as -80°C; the most powerful grade, N35EH, may operate in temperatures as high as 200°C.

How About the Speed of our Factory Quotation?

Yes, as soon as we get your query, a customer service team member will come back to you and check in on the status of your request for a quote or additional conversation regarding specifics and specs, etc. In addition, if you need it, they may supply you with additional design drawing information or help.

  1. Within a few hours (we are extremely timely), we will respond to your inquiry.
  2. After receiving confirmation of your request, begin the quote within 10 minutes.
  3. We’ll give you a quotation for 2-4 hours if we believe we’re a good fit.

Why not finish the online purchase with a single click?

Minimum Purchase Requirement

With no restriction on the number of items you may order, we have a $200 minimum. Our typical magnet goods may be purchased in lesser quantities, and we can begin the order process with a price quotation. Before you provide an estimate on any of our bespoke items, you must first make an online order for the product in question. Before we can provide you with an estimate, we need additional information about your project.

Confirm The P.I. & Payment

Delivery Terms:

We provide a wide range of options to meet our clients’ needs. Our customers may get the cheapest pricing and the fastest delivery of our products from China. Before they are sent to you, our Quality Control staff has thoroughly examined and tested every item offered at

We’ll get your order off to you within a few weeks. FOB, CIF, and Express Delivery are all acceptable modes of delivery.

Payment Currencies: 

We offer a wide range of payment currencies. Active currencies supported by ROBO Magnetic include the United States Dollar (USD), the Euro (EUR), Japan’s currency (JPY), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), and Korean Wons (KRW).

Payment Type:

All major payment methods are supported by ROBO Magnetic, including T/T and SEPA, ACH; Fedwire/Wire; and Korean Local Payment.

Nearest Port:

Port Ningbo, Shanghai, is the closest port to ROBO Magnetic’s industrial site.

Delivery Time:

Once payment has been confirmed, we will send your order within 1-2 weeks and guarantee that it will arrive in perfect condition.


As the leading neodymium magnet supplier in China, we’re a leading business and resourceful supplier; we are committed to providing the best quality and service in the industry. We invite you to contact us today. As specialists in neodymium magnets, we have realized quality neodymium magnets are our most important products, so we take every step to ensure that all of our customers’ needs are met.

About Us

  1. We offer an excellent range of products, including low-cost neodymium magnets.
  2. We are a professional neodymium magnet supplier in Ningbo, China.
  3. We provide the best quality products at competitive prices and perfect product service.
  4. We can manufacture various neodymium magnets, such as spherical magnets, cylinder magnets, disc magnets, etc.
  5. We test every product in our facilities, and offer good quality goods for your selection.

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ROBO Magnetic Product Team

We are the manufacturer with 16 years of experience in custom neodymium magnets.

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